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Celotex run industry recognised CPD's and can carry these out at your local office.

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At Celotex, we are committed to developing our CPD portfolio to assist your learning and development in the construction industry. We currently have two CPD's in our range with more CPD's in development.

CPD One - 'Journey to Excellence - Developing Expertise' 
This CPD covers a wide range of core topics that we feel are important to the continuous development of an Architect. The topics covered are:

· Climate & Sustainable Architecture – why is it important to focus on sustainability and how do Celotex support this?
· Compliance – focuses on the different approved documents and how to comply with them.
· Designing It & Building It – what applications do we offer solutions for?
· Being Safe – what changes have there been to the safety regulations and how will they affect the construction industry?
· Designing Context – Examples of how our products have been used.
· Where People Live – A broader look at the community and how manufacturers can support them.
· External Management – Celotex offer many services that can be very beneficial to architects. This section will have a much closer look at them and how they can be used.

As well as these topics we look closer at PIR under the microscope, the products and applications that Celotex offer and the different ways that they can be used. 

"An excellent and informative presentation on the many products offered by Celotex" - Garry Hutchinson, Hartlepool Borough Council

"Gave a really important insight into specific insulation properties and the reasoning for using them in particular situations" - Brian Fletcher, db+PAUL

"Very good presentation and we would definitely look to specify in the future" - Nicky Voase, QAD Architecture

CPD Two - 'Energy Assessments Celotex - The CPD'
This CPD focuses on the way that you can maximise the energy efficiency of the building you are designing, constructing or living in. 

It looks closely at SAP and SBEM assessments with advice on how to improve your rating, as well as covering a couple of key focus topics in overheating and the performance gap.

Celotex provide a service which can conduct your SAP/SBEM assessments as well as offer advice on other aspects of sustainable design; this CPD will explain a bit more about that whilst also explaining what sustainability means to Celotex. To find out more about the Energy Assessments Celotex service, click here.  

"Probably one of the best CPD I've attended, very relevant to current issues" - Charles Orovwuje, Surface to Air

"Good general understanding of how to comply with the latest Part L" - Angela Loperfido, 3BM

"The CPD was a good platform to discuss changes to current envelope performance regulations" - Aprameya Kar, AKT II Envelopes

Please complete the form below to register your interest in one of our CPD seminars. One of our team will then contact you to confirm which CPD you would like and a suitable date and time for the seminar to take place.

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